At the Jardin des Plantes, from the Equator to the Far North, it is a real journey to meet the natural environments and species that inhabit our planet that is offered to you From October 23, 2021 to July 4, 2022 .

jardin des plantes

An immersion in nature

Immersed in the heart of natural environments as stunning as they are varied, you will be projected into an unprecedented perception of animal and plant species. Open your eyes, listen carefully and trust your sense of smell. Environments teeming with life, activity and astonishing interactions are to be observed and flushed out. During an extraordinary odyssey, the wonders of nature are revealed to your senses. The installation combines very high definition projections (shooting in 8K) on giant screens with the diffusion of spatialized sounds and smells for a stroll in the heart of a succession of ecosystems and species, in a game of scale. size and time. A show that features nature No less than eight natural environments are to be discovered! Soar through the air and sea, crossing the salt lakes of the African savannah to the Arctic Circle, passing through the rainforest canopy, the depths of the ground and the open sea !

jardin des plantes

A sensory exploration

During this journey, you will come across many plant, animal, bacterial and fungal species. Without any words and full of sensations, the experience takes you closer to living beings, even in their intimacy. Exploration animates the species and reveals their most subtle links: a life-size sensory odyssey for a deep sense of resonance with the living world. Upon returning from this sensory exploration across the planet, we suggest that you land gently and gradually reconnect with the materiality of the world. Through interactive devices, large illustrated frescoes and the presentation of natural specimens, this museographic space invites you to decipher the experience you have had in the exhibition and to open up to broader reflections, questioning our place as human being within the globality of the living world and the “desirable futures” that are offered to us.

The Sensory Odyssey

Grande Galerie de l’Evolution,

36 rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire

75005 Paris

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