Until March 31, 2022, a funny pink jellyfish will float above the famous Hôtel Molitor swimming pool. We owe this large 25-meter installation to RETRO, a street artist who has already produced several frescoes in the capital.

An artist honored each year

Everyone knows the iconic open-air swimming pool at the Molitor hotel. Responding to the art deco style, it has been listed as a historical monument since 1990. Every winter, the Molitor outdoor pool hosts a grandiose art installation. This year, it is up to the artist Retro to take up the challenge of a gigantic installation with a jellyfish 25 meters long. The artist Retrobegan to do some graffiti at the age of 18 before entering the Gobelins. First interested in the world of cartoons, he now devotes his research to material and texture in order to work on their wear over time.

pink medusa molitor swimming pool

An immersive experience

Floating above swimmers “MEDOUSA” is on a mission to create an immersive experience. Beyond the dreamlike experience, its presence reminds us that in these uncertain times, it can be lifesaving to let ourselves be carried away by the natural currents of life. As if to keep the link with its natural element, “MEDOUSA” is designed in fishing net. Both resistant and light, this material makes it possible to create a work as monumental as it is evanescent, without ever obscuring the pool, whatever the point of view. Note that “MEDOUSA” has been designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact. The artist Retro has chosen fluorescent pink, one of his favorite colors, which contrasts with the yellow, white and blue of Molitor. If during the day, “MEDOUSA” impresses, at night, lit by crossing spotlights, it takes on another dimension. Almost unreal and fascinating, it transports the visitor to a completely different universe. During the day, it accompanies visitors, but in the evening, it is all the more impressive! Indeed, the large gelatinous animal suddenly lights up at nightfall, and thus looks like a real hologram swimming in the dark. A show not to be missed !

Hotel Molitor 13 rue Nungesser et Coli,

75016 Paris


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