Tombées du Camion is a brand that offers mass-produced objects, old or vintage, authentic relics of the factories of our past.

A museum shop

Notice to lovers of bric-a-brac: a small gem of a sign exists in the capital. For 11 years, Charles, a former second-hand dealer, has been roaming the old disused factories in search of lots of forgotten objects to supply his three shops: that of Montmartre, and the two of the Vernaison market (Puces de Saint-Ouen).

tombés du camion vintage shop in paris

Pieces of nostalgia

Laboratory funds, pharmacy batches, doll clinics, stocks of jewelry wholesalers, lighting warehouses, toy factories, printing workshops… are the secret sources of these museum shops. These pieces of nostalgia, always in large quantities, are exhibited in a meticulous and poetic scenography.

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Tombées du Camion

17 rue Joseph de Maistre

75018 Paris

Metro Blanche

Open Tuesday to Friday 1pm-8pm. And from Saturday to Sunday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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