Deyrolle, located rue du Bac is a unique store in Paris. Specialized in taxidermy and entomology (study and classification of articulated animals), It’s a cabinet of curiosities open to nature enthusiasts .

A unique place in the world

This house, which remains a unique place in the world, has not failed in its educational vocation since its creation in 1831 by Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle, very quickly taken over by his son Achille. Both passionate about entomology, they quickly developed a flourishing business based on the sale of insects and hunting equipment for the Natural History collections, while developing the activity of taxidermist which had marked the professional beginnings of Jean- Baptist Deyrolle. In 1866, Émile Deyrolle took over the house founded by his grandfather. At that time, natural history experienced a real craze; the collection and observation of insects interested many amateurs and many entomological societies were then created all over Europe. From distant voyages, scientists bring back large quantities of specimens, considerably enriching the collections of natural history museums. Deyrolle becomes a world-renowned institution which, thanks to a universal language, addresses a particularly wide audience.

deyrolle paris

The beauties of nature

This bicentenary house is today the last cabinet of curiosities open to the public, which offers the possibility of discovering exceptional pieces and acquiring them. Enthusiasts, collectors, scientists and decorators from all over the world come to 46, rue du Bac to observe the beauties of nature and marvel at so many amazing pieces. Recently, in line with its history, Deyrolle has also been offering the creation of personalized cabinets of curiosities and thus offers everyone the possibility of providing their own or helping them to create one according to their own aspirations and desires. In all these rooms which follow one another according to their specialty, in an atmosphere of a huge cabinet of curiosities, challenge the a procession of personalities from all walks of life who come to draw some inspiration, perfect their knowledge or quite simply take their curious and admiring… Painters like Dubuffet and Salvador Dali, writers like Louise de Vilmorin, in their time, frequented Maison Deyrolle a lot.

deyrolle paris

No animal was killed

These animals who are here are real stars and appear in the best Parisian castings before making the front page of magazines or commercials. And at Deyrolle, no animal was killed to be stuffed: animals of non-domestic species come from zoos, circuses or farms in which they died of old age or illness. They have traceability, and protected species are held and delivered in compliance with the Washington Convention (CITES). Film directors are not the last to be fond of the sets and collections of the house: Woody Allen took over the space in July 2010 for his film Midnight in Paris, released in May 2011.


46 rue du bac 75007 Paris

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