Nestled in the very famous rue des Rosiers, in the heart of the Marais, Le Loir dans la Théière transports you with its unique and charming setting, similar to the universe of Alice in Wonderland.

A flea market atmosphere

Around 4-5 p.m., do you see a queue in one of the most famous streets of the Parisian Marais, rue des Rosiers? This is the queue to enter the Le Loir dans la théière tearoom. And yes, it is the price of success ! You will have to wait a few minutes, sometimes long minutes on weekends, before you are picked up to sit at the table that has just become available. Inside, a very large long room furnished with odds and ends. No chair is the same, no table either, posters of all kinds line the walls… A very nice bobo flea market atmosphere.

le loir dans la théière

The famous lemon meringue pie

Brunch is an upgraded, “home-like” breakfast. You can find the essentials of brunch there: pressed fruit juices, hot drinks (coffee, tea, homemade hot chocolate), scrambled eggs, quiche, pastries, compote… The real reason why we come to the Loir in the teapot, the the real reason that makes us brave the queue and ignore the not always pleasant service is the specialty of the place, the lemon meringue pie. We take pleasure in discovering brunch in this joyful bazaar, halfway between a charming flea market and an offbeat bohemian universe that makes the specificity of the place and all its originality.

Le Loir dans la théière

3 rue des Rosiers,

75004 Paris

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