Mori Yoshida is Japanese but it is the great classics of French gastronomy that he revisits with his Japanese touch.

A franco-Japanese career

Head to the 7th arrondissement of Paris to discover a beautiful pastry shop that bears the name of its founder and head pastry chef Mori Yoshida. Although the name is Japanese, you will find in this pastry shop great classics sublimated and revisited by the talent of this young Japanese chef. The young pastry chef, Mori Yoshida, graduated from the Japanese school Nippon Kashi Senmon Gakko. He won many competitions in Japan before opening his own shop there. He enriched his experience by working in the laboratory of the Pâtisserie des Rêves. Rich in this Franco-Japanese career, he decided to open his shop in Paris in the spring of 2013.

mori yoshida pastry shop
Copyright Mori Yoshida

Best pastry chef

Mori Yoshida respects the most classic recipes of the French repertoire, which he enhances with his typically Japanese qualities, concern for precision and sense of harmony included. Pure butter pastries at Paris-Brest and other Operas, a delight! “I am strongly inspired in my creations by Paris where the arts from all over the world intersect and by the richness of the ingredients that the French land produces. I am happy to be able to practice my know-how in Paris because I am committed to offering the pleasure of tasting cakes. My goal is to attempt to achieve the better tastes. ” With an unrivaled talent, the Patissier has well deserved his title of Winner of the 2018 and 2019 edition of the best professional pastry chef.

65, avenue de Breteuil 75007 Paris 7th +33 (0) 1 47 34 29 74 •

Metro: Duroc or Sèvres – Lecourbe

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