The most authentic “Bouillon” is finally opening a third restaurant in eastern Paris ! Bouillon Chartier, a real bistro institution, is once again coming to delight you with this new address.

Good quality and low prices

The success of Chartier is based on its French cuisine offered at low prices without compromising on quality. Opened in 1896 in a magnificent Art Deco decor by the brothers Camille and Frédéric Chartier, the first Bouillon Chartier was already inspired by Pierre-Louis Duval, a butcher who had had the idea, in 1860, of serving in premises adjoining his butcher’s shop a hearty and very affordable soup, based on the lower cuts. . 120 years later, after more than fifty million meals served, the most authentic Parisian Bouillon is still there, and its dishes are just as tasty as ever.

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A new restaurant in eastern Paris

If for now, fine gourmets meet at Bouillon Chartier Grands Boulevards and Montparnasse, a new restaurant is about to open its doors. So good news for all our little gourmets: a new restaurant will open in the east of Paris. We already know their addresses by heart in Grand Boulevards and Montparnasse, but this little news will delight more than one. If the exact address is not yet known, however, it is rumored that the sign would settle opposite the Gare de l’Est, in place of Bistrot Batifol.

bouillon chartier new

7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre –

59, boulevard de Montparnasse – Paris

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