An immersive exhibition in Marseille immerses the viewer inside “La Joconde” to “understand how this famous painting became a myth”.

why is the Mona Lisa so famous ?

A sensory experience

She wears the most famous smile on the planet: commented on, stolen, copied, diverted, the Mona Lisa has been an icon that has fascinated people for almost four centuries. Beyond false mysteries and clichés, what does this portrait of Monna Lisa reveal to us? Why is this painting the most famous in the world? Immersive Grand Palais and the Louvre Museum invite you to rediscover this masterpiece through a unique interactive and sensory experience.

An annual health examination

From the Salle des Etats at the Louvre, where it is exhibited today, to the work of Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance, the tour takes us back in time to reveal what earned this painting its immense fame. Large-format projections moving to the rhythm of passages, innovative interactive processes lead the visitor to the heart of this mythical portrait. An experience as close as possible to the painting, its details and its history, a unique opportunity to approach it like never before in an attempt to grasp its essence and better understand the genius of its creator. We thus learn that Mona Lisa passes an annual health examination, infrared images and X-rays, which reveal her hidden face to us. His story also includes a theft in 1911. A two-year disappearance that did a lot for his popularity. The exhibition “La Joconde, immersive exhibition” is to be seen in Marseille at the Palais de la Bourse, until August 21.

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