The Ministry of Culture announced on Saturday the establishment of a fund of one million euros to welcome Ukrainian artists and cultural professionals who would like it, a device also “open to dissident Russian artists”.

a street painting in tribute of Ukrainian

A telephone platform

Eighteen days after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture has detailed its specific plan for artists affected by the conflict. The amount released will thus allow funding in several parts. Accommodation residences, for a period of three months, will be specifically assigned to artists. Also, an orientation platform, Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking will be set up in order to better guide these refugees. The artists will be helped, in Russian and Ukrainian, to orient themselves via a telephone platform.

Artist residencies

With their loved ones, they can be accommodated in three-month artist residencies. In addition to emergency reception, the funds must allow support for artistic creation, for example via research grants or aid for the dissemination of shows. On Friday, about 10,000 Ukrainian refugees had arrived in France since the invasion of this country by Russia on February 24, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

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