Les Bains du Marais is a concept well known to Parisians. It is a temple of well-being between ancestral know-how from all over the world. But it is also a place of festive life with its restaurant animated by DJ sets.

Family moments of complicity

Les Bains du Marais is a real institution of well-being with traditional hammam, sauna in Paris, treatment rooms and restaurant in Paris in the 2nd. Quality Parisian restaurant and best Spa in Paris, an exceptional well-being and relaxation experience. Today, it is therefore a real place of life, celebration and relaxation extending over 700m2. The idea is to democratize well-being for the Parisians of a day and always. A real place of socialization, you come alone, as a couple, with friends, but also as a family with treatments designed so that parents and children can treat themselves to a beautiful moment of complicity while enjoying this getaway that inspires travel. . Because Les Bains du Marais is also a place where ancestral know-how from all over the world can be found.

les bains du marais, best spa of paris

Hair spa

The place reveals a cozy and bright atmosphere, the corridor that leads us to the spa is a real transition to the subdued universe where relaxation reigns. This universe begins with the manicure and pedicure corner as well as the “hair spa” then continues on the floors below to the hammam. There, you will only need your swimsuit and perhaps your favorite shampoos and conditioners: everything else is waiting for you in your locker room: towels, bathrobes, sandals and especially the Kessa glove.

les bains du marais, paris

A Holistic bubble

At the heart of this holistic bubble, a sublime hammam transports you to an atmosphere of 1001 nights to relax and eliminate toxins in hot vapors before letting yourself go in the gentle and energetic hands of experts who have been lavishing their unequaled know-how for years. . Here, we revisit oriental codes with a slew of ancestral Mediterranean rituals and massages: exfoliation according to the ritual with a kessa glove and soaping with a Turkish scarf (Ancestral Signature Ritual €70), aloe vera wrap, almond shampoo gentle (Moorish Ritual €90), traditional waxing with oriental wax (half-legs €25).

Les Bains du Marais

14 Rue Saint-Fiacre

75002 Paris


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