Julie Doucet whose work explores female sexuality without taboo is only the fourth woman to win the supreme award of the Angoulème comics festival.

Feminist and subversive

Quebec designer Julie Doucet, known for her feminist and subversive works with uninhibited self-mockery, was crowned this Wednesday, March 16 Grand Prize at the Angoulême comic book festival. A consecration for a discreet author, who left the 9th Art in 2006. The Grand Prize is awarded each year by the community of professional comic book authors to salute a body of work. She won ahead of Pénélope Bagieu and Catherine Meurisse, already finalists in 2021. It was the American Chris Ware (Grand Prix 2021) who congratulated her on Wednesday March 16 at the Angoulême theater, during a opening ceremony dedicated to Ukraine.

julie doucet
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A leading figure in undergound comics

Born in 1965, Julie Doucet was a leading figure in American underground comics of the 1990s and the best-known Quebec comics author in the world. Her work has as its favorite theme the representation of the female body and female sexuality. Fantasies and frustrations In Dirty Plotte (1991-1998) and Ciborium by Criss! (1996), her two major titles, the author shows women as they have rarely been drawn in comics. Julie Doucet evokes without taboo, but with humor the life of the female body: periods, sexual desire, but also boogers, gender stereotypes…. Having stopped doing comics in 1999, disgusted by the ambient machismo, Julie Doucet does not hide her astonishment at being crowned for her work in 2022. “I find it very hard to believe it. Thanks very much. it started in a little fanzine in the 80s and I find myself receiving the biggest award in the comics industry.” Said moved Julie Doucet.

julie doucet dirty plotte
Dirty plotte

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