Delacroix et la Nature” exhibition, from March 16 to June 27, 2022, opens the doors to Eugene Delacroix’s last apartment and studio, to help you discover the link that unites the painter and nature.

Eugene Delacroix exhibition on nature in paris
Delacroix et la nature Copyright musée Eugène Delacroix

A contemplation of the nature

In an intimate museum and its charming garden, treat yourself to a break of calm and escape in the heart of nature. Eugène Delacroix loved nature. He liked to contemplate the landscapes and the sea, and multiplied his stays in the countryside, in his house in Champrosay or in Berry with his friend George Sand. Throughout his career, he lovingly described the beauty of nature in his Journal or in his letters. He draws with the sculptor Barye at the Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes and animals are an inexhaustible source of interest for him. But beyond the curiosity, the pleasure and the relaxation that his contemplation gives him, nature is above all for Delacroix an object of study. He delighted in the many details that presented themselves to his eyes, and hastened to make them the subject of numerous studies.

Immerse yourself in the past

Presented in the exhibition Delacroix et la nature, rare landscapes painted by Delacroix but also the many sketches of the painter form a set of herbariums and personal bestiaries, study sheets that the painter will never show to the public from his alive. Delacroix and nature extends to the heart of the painter’s studio by discovering the creative process of Eugène Delacroix, and the way in which he reappropriates nature to reinvent it in his paintings. From the observation of fauna and flora, the painter composes and imagines his most beautiful works. Thus, the landscapes serve as backdrops for many bucolic scenes, while the animals sketched by the artist come to life in his masterpieces. The visit to the exhibition ends with the discovery of the magnificent garden of Eugène Delacroix. Take the time to stop there, take a break to listen to the podcast, and immerse yourself in the past thanks to Adolphe Cabot, gardener of Eugène Delacroix, who will tell you the story of this green setting.

A haven of peace

Also take advantage of the many unique nature workshops; botanical illustration workshops, vegetable printing workshops, watercolor workshops… which take place throughout the exhibition in the heart of this true haven of peace located in the center of the capital. Concerts, guided tours and conferences complete a rich and diversified cultural program.

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