Shakespeare, Einstein, Curie… And me, says Susie Morgenstern, how can I become a genius ? This is the question asked by the Franco-American author in her latest book full of good humor.

susie morgenstern new book

How to become a genius ?

Susie Morgenstern’s work is a bubble of happiness. Here, she takes the theme of Genius by illustrating it with many famous people, adding a little poetry and a hint of humor, she creates an unclassifiable, innovative book and offers us a rejuvenating reading moment. To be read by unsuspected geniuses, those with big heads, and those who lack self-confidence, this book will be useful to everyone! And above all, to restore self-confidence and confidence in life, this is the perfect book. A little masterpiece !

je suis un genie by susie morgenstern
Susie Morgenstern new book, Copyright l’icinopop

From Albert Einstein to Jimi Hendrix

In this book, we follow the adventures of several illustrious characters: One day, Leonardo thought he was going to paint the Mona Lisa. Another day, Albert Einstein had the idea of ​​writing the theory of relativity. Today, Susie Morgenstern is going shopping at Monoprix. She dreams of also becoming a genius, of changing our world, of being admired ! But what to do when you have such a common life and habits ? In this text in verse, she tries to find a method to achieve this end. We must first draw inspiration from them, their lives, their habits, then take stock of what we know how to do. Finally, find an idea, an invention !

Is it good to be a genius ?

But, on closer inspection, how did they all end ? Jimi Hendrix? Overdose. Van Gogh ? Suicide. John Lennon? Murdered. Is being a genius so good for your health ? If she is neither Joan of Arc, nor Marie Curie, nor Hannah Arendt, it is because Susie Morgestern only resembles herself: mischievous, funny and insolent, she looks at her life in terms of these great inescapable figures. With all her vitality, she comes out so brilliant!

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