The duo of the French Touch, Breakbot and Irfane are back on the front of the stage and announce the release of a new EP by delivering the single “Remedy”, the first extract from this next project.

Breakbot and Irfane
Breakbot and Irfane

“Baby I’m yours”

The new single entitled “Remedy” by Breakbot, in collaboration with Irfane, was released on January 28th. This return of the duo, two years after “Be Mine Tonight”, also announces the release of Breakbot’s new EP. Long-awaited by the public of the French Touch and by fans of Ed Banger, the collaborations between the two producers and DJs had notably given rise to one of the greatest hits of the French electronic scene, even worldwide, “Baby I ‘m Yours”. The track “Remedy” is of the same caliber as this previous banger. The production is airy, funky and irresistibly makes you want to stir your feet, while the animated clip is also reminiscent of previous Breakbot work.

A unique universe

For more than ten years now and the explosion of their title ‘Baby I’m Yours’, Breakbot and Irfane have not left each other. After touring and producing a lot together, Thibaut (his real name) and his fellow singer still work together. They now share a common studio, made by them and completed during confinement. At the start of the year, it is therefore almost no surprise that we find this faithful couple on Ed Banger, the label they never left, with ‘Remedy’. The safe bet of disco house continues to explore its sounds that we never tire of. The child of the French touch has managed to create a unique universe, from his covers to his clips through the choice of his collaborators, Breakbot who is also a graphic designer and director, is a complete artist. He proves it once again with the clip that accompanies the title, a modeling video that should delight fans of Wallace and Gromit.

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