You may not know it but the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu is the father-in-law of the whimsical singer Philippe Katerine. Katerine made confidences about their relations.

Phillipe Katerine and Gerard depardieu's daughter, Julie
Philippe Katerine and Julie Depardieu

“He’s not always complimentary”

Philippe Katerine has been living with Julie Depardieu for 12 years now. A perfect love that had started badly. Together they had two children, Billy, 10, and Alfred, 9. Close to Gérard Depardieu, whom he also turned in one of his clips, Philippe Katerine is full of praise for him. “He’s a completely amazing being. There are actors like that who are artists, who make you see life differently, life as you’ve never seen it. And that’s still great quality,” says the 53-year-old artist. “When we see each other, the cinema is not his favorite subject. He sees some of my films and talks to me about them. He is not always complimentary, explains Philippe Katerine to Figaro.

A trick to calm down Depardieu

When they are not filming or in concert, the two artists take advantage of their family life, which is sometimes associated with Gérard Depardieu, Julie’s father, even if the two sometimes have complicated relationships. Friendly moments but sometimes punctuated by the anger and outbursts of the actor of Cyrano de Bergerac. In these cases, Philippe Katerine, far from being intimidated, has found a trick to calm down for his stepfather. He gives her a sheet and pencils to allow her to express her thoughts and relieve the pressure. “It’s an excessive drawing, a rich drawing, very swirling, but I see that it’s very good when he draws because we come to a descent” he confided last December in the show Il n’y has only one life, on Europe 1.

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