Philippine Leroy Beaulieu who plays the implacable boss of Lily Collins will soon be in the cast of season 5 of the series The crown.

A turning point of her career

Success sometimes takes years to come. At 58, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu is certainly experiencing a turning point in her career. It is certainly thanks to her role as Sylvie Grateau in Emily in Paris that she was noticed by the world public and by critics. And soon, she will bring the “french touch” to the casting of the royal series, The Crown. The French actress who Netflix subscribers know well for her role as the relentless boss in the comedy Emily in Paris has landed a role in the series about Queen Elizabeth II. The news was confirmed by the British media ‘Mail on Sunday‘. The actress will therefore play a small role in season 5 of The Crown. Subscribers to the streaming platform will discover these new episodes (with a completely renewed cast for the royal family) in November.

Philippine Leroy Beaulieu will be in the cast of The Crown season 5
The actress played a role in Emily in Paris

She could play the role of Monique Ritz

The actress did not specify the identity of the character she would play. The Mail on Sunday speculates that she could play Monique Ritz. In 1979, the widow of Charles Ritz sold the famous Parisian hotel, on the decline, to Mohamed Al-Fayed. It was in the imperial suite of this establishment that Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed spent their last evening before their fatal car accident under the Alma bridge on August 31, 1997. A tragedy that plunged the UK in mourning. If her first appearance on the Netflix platform was in “Emily in Paris”, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu already has a great career behind her, remind our colleagues. Indeed, she notably held the leading role in the police series of France 3 “Agathe Koltès” or that of Catherine Barneville, the ex-wife of Mathias in the series “Ten percent”.

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