Markus Lüpertz, the famous German painter invades the city of Orléans with his monumental sculptures .

“An Art Warrior”

It is a big name in contemporary art that has taken possession of Orléans. For the past few days, the works of the German painter and sculptor Markus Lüpertz have been exhibited in the street and at the Museum of Fine Arts until September 4, 2022. A total of 124 paintings and drawings are presented in the galleries of the museum, while eleven monumental and colorful sculptures are scattered in places chosen by the earthy dandy. Lüpertz, who defines himself as “an art warrior“, exhibits his paintings in a dense and colorful museography, highlighting his important series on the same theme. In the alleys of the Museum of Fine Arts, it is a pictorial journey that reveals itself to visitors. Entitled Markus Lüpertz, the godmaker, the exhibition presents the main themes that inspire the artist: mythology and music. Both figurative and abstract, the painter’s creative process is essentially guided by form and color. The bronze giants, like gods fallen from the sky, collide with the inhabitants while blending into the landscape ! Such is the originality of an exhibition which, like soft music, will last 6 months and etch in stone a strong story between the city and the artist.

Markus Lupetz, the german painter invades the city of Orléans
Markus Lüpetz exhibition in Orléans

The prince of painters

Nicknamed the prince of painters, because of his extravagance, Markus Lüpertz has lost none of his creative energy and the pleasure of sharing it. “Paintings only begin to live when they are seen. It’s a kind of reciprocity between the canvas and the viewer. It’s the look that brings the painting to life and that’s why I continue to paint”, confides he. Furthermore, the exhibition invites the public to reflect with the artist on the notions of hero and ideal, figuration and abstraction, thanks in particular to his series on Antiquity. “We recently reopened the 19th century rooms: it is really French romanticism that is represented in Orléans and Markus Lüpertz is a direct heir to this painting,” reports the director of the museum again.

The painter, poet, sculptor and recently director is also a free jazz musician in a group, the Triple Trip Touch. He will be present in Orléans on June 18 for a concert.

Markus Lüpertz, the godmaker


Musée des Beaux Arts

until September 4, 2022

Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Entrance 6€

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