After 57 years of celebration, the Bus Palladium will definitely close its doors on Saturday April 2.

Serge Gainsbourg at the bus palladium
Serge Gainsbourg at the Bus Palladium

Symbol of Parisian nights

A true monument of culture, a symbol of parisian nights, the bus palladium located in the pigalle district opened in 1965. The discotheque, which is also a concert hall, will be replaced by a hotel. until then, the bus “will remain open for programming, also on weekdays”. The palladium bus has seen many stars and remains a legendary nightclub in paris. Salvador Dali will give his first letters of nobility to the establishment still in the rough state. The painter and some twenty of his friends arrive on the palladium bus one evening among the many beatniks who visit the establishment.

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Mike Jagger celebrated his birthay there

A large bottle of water with several glasses, such is the requirement of the artist. photographers and journalists copiously relate to the event, Dali applies to the bus and history starts. the musicians follow one another in this box devoted of any decoration.Johnny Halliday, julien clerc,… make their first weapons on stage, Mike Jagger celebrates his birthday, stone even met charden. all paris rushes to go to the bus. this high place of parisian evenings is also a place of inspiration. “it’s at the palladium bus, where it is listen… rue fontaine… there is a crowd, for the little guys of li-ver-pool…” singed gainsbourg in 1966. the club was also featured in a movie bearing its name, by Christopher Thomson, released in 2010.

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