Since December 22, Netflix subscribers can discover season 2 of “Emily in Paris”. Among the friends of the young woman, Gabriel, played by the French actor, Lucas Bravo.

Lucas Bravo, the french lover
Lucas Bravo in Emily in Paris

Daniel Bravo’s son

In the role of the handsome neighbor and fine cordon-bleu who fell in love with the American expatriate prone to cultural oddities, Lucas Bravo has become the French young shoot in vogue in Hollywood. Born in Nice on January 1, 1988, Lucas Bravo is the son of one of the greatest French football players of the 90s, Daniel Bravo and former singer Eva Bravo. He has an older brother François-Philippe who is a lawyer, and two younger brothers and sisters Adrian and Marie-Eva. His father’s career led him to travel throughout France between Nice, Paris, Marseille, Lille and Lyon. At 8, he moved to Italy, to Parmes, where his mother hosted an Italian TV show. It was then that he began to like football, which he had hated until then. He will describe this Italian parenthesis as “the best of his life”.

Difficulties to accept notoriety

At the age of 10, Lucas Bravo decided to become an actor. During adolescence, he did odd jobs as a waiter, pushed by his father who wanted to see him active. After his baccalaureate, he left for the United States, learned English while eating Taco Bell and not doing much – “I felt like I was in retirement” – then returned to France to integrate the Actors Factory acting studio and start a modeling and acting career. “We had to start from scratch, it was not easy, I was constantly getting rejections,” he says. After commercials and two movies, La Crème de la crème and We wanted to break everything, this big fan of Sex and the City, by the same Darren Star, finally saw a “dream” shoot with Emily in Paris. ” A role that allowed him to fully enter the light and see his status change. But the 33-year-old man, followed by 1.5 million people on Instagram, had a hard time accepting this notoriety that arrived too suddenly for his taste. “I think being famous is the worst thing that can happen to you. It’s just smoke, it doesn’t mean anything,” he told The Sunday Times.

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