With more than a million copies, the “Louis Ghost” created by Philippe Starck is the best-selling design chair in the world.

Louis Ghost, The best selling design chair in the world
Philippe Starck’s chair

A successful designer

Philippe Starck has been Design brand Kartell’s key designer since 1988. Born in Paris in 1949, the son of an airplane designer, he took an early interest in creating objects. After his studies he created in 1979 the company Starck Products. If the key words of his success are democratization and media coverage, Starck has not forgotten the artistic dimension of his work. The museums are not mistaken: New York, Munich, London, Chicago, Kyoto, Barcelona, ​​Paris, all exhibit it. In 2003 the George Pompidou Center devoted a retrospective to his work. He has been awarded the greatest prizes: Oscar for design, Compasso de oro, Creator of the year, etc.

Louis Ghost, The best selling design chair in the world
Louis Ghost, Philippe Starck’s chair, The best selling design chair in the world

A transparent chair

The realization of the association with Kartell will result in a world first: the creation of La Marie, the first chair entirely in transparent polycarbonate. It is a minimal, basic, modern chair. Building on its success, Starck designed a second transparent seat for Kartell: the famous Louis Ghost. The baroque shapes of the Louis XI armchair are reinterpreted in a seat that the polycarbonate makes ultra contemporary. Unique, fascinating, surprising marriage of old and new. Over time the Louis Ghost not only becomes an absolute sales success, but also with more than a million copies, the best-selling designer chair in the world. 15 years later La Marie Kartell and Starck presents Uncle Jim: a 1.90m wide transparent polycarbonate sofa weighing nearly 30Kg. This is again an absolute record: the first piece of this size ever made in a single mould.

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