Jean Nouvel, the popular architect has been appointed to build a luxury hotel complex in Saudi Arabia, in the Al-Ula desert.

Carved into the rock

Jean Nouvel has unveiled the images of this set, which will have the particularity of being entirely carved into the rock in order to integrate into its environment. The Sharaan luxury resort to be built in Saudi Arabia, will take place in the cliffs of the Al-Ula desert, located 220 kilometers from Medina, very close to a UNESCO World Heritage site, reported . In 2018, several great French chefs with three Michelin stars held dinners on site in the desert, a very luxurious event which aimed to promote tourism at the archaeological site. The French architect was appointed by the Royal Commission for Al-Ula, whose board of directors is chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman.

Jean Nouvel Saudi Arabia

The Hotel complex should open in 2024

The upscale resort is comprised of forty suites, three villas, and fourteen private pavilions. A circular courtyard carved into the rock – The particularity of this hotel complex is that the architect wanted to integrate it into the rock so that it fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the place. On the images unveiled, we can see balconies overlooking a desert landscape. A large circular courtyard will also be dug into the rock. With this project entrusted to a great architect, the Saudi regime intends to highlight its tourist assets. The hotel complex should open in 2024. The Saudi archaeological site of Al-Ula should eventually become the symbol of the opening of the kingdom and its tourist development – ​​2 million annual visitors by 2035.

Saudi Arabia
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