With Les Bad Guys, Pierre Perifel is the first Frenchman to produce a movie from the American studio DreamWorks

Kung Fu Panda

For the first time, the animation giant DreamWorks has entrusted the production of its latest blockbuster to a Frenchman. His name is Pierre Perifel, he is 41 years old and was trained at the Gobelins School in Paris. “The Bad Guys” has been on screens since April 6. At 41, Pierre Perifel becomes the first Frenchman to be entrusted with the production of an American animated film, a consecration for the movie maker who, in fifteen years, has climbed all the levels of the Californian studio, getting his hands on blockbusters like Kung Fu Panda.

The bad Guys, the first french movie of Dreamworks
The Bad Guys movie, coypright Dreamworks

A mixture of 2D and 3D

The Bad Guys is the animated feature film adaptation of a series of children’s books of the same title, featuring criminal animals. Books written by Aaron Babley from 2016. The Bad Guys is the story of a gang of animals with a reputation as “bad guys” (a wolf, a snake, a shark, a tarantula and a piranha), united in crime and sought after by all city ​​police. Arrested after having tried too many, the gang makes a deal with the authorities: to become “nice” to avoid prison. The graphic rendering of the film, a mixture of 2D and 3D reminiscent of comics or illustration, deliberately breaks with the race for realism in which most mainstream animation studios are engaged.

The bad Guys, the first french movie of Dreamworks
The Bad Guys movie by Dreamworks

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