Discover Middle Ages raptor hunting in Provins

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History buffs and medieval era enthusiasts are expected from March 26 to November 1, 2022 in Provins to relive life-size outdoor bird of prey hunting parties as practiced by the great lords of the age of the knights.

Provins raptor hunting
Provins – Bird of Prey

Provins, listed as a Unesco World heritage

At the foot of the ramparts of the famous medieval city, dive back in time to the Middle Ages through a spectacle as surprising as it is enchanting. Discover the world of this ancestral practice, consisting of hunting animals with the help of trained birds of prey. Raptor hunting, practiced by many peoples and passed down from generation to generation until it became a true art of living among the nomads of the Near East and Central Asia, flourished in France during medieval times. . These are the secrets of this custom that the falconers and professional riders of the Vol Libre company reveal to you. Applaud the graceful and beautiful eagles, buzzards and kites flying overhead. Admire the agility and speed of falcons and vultures without forgetting the padded flight of owls and owls.

One of the largest aviary in France

In total, the Provins aviary, one of the largest in France, is home to no less than 100 birds of 25 different species. At the end of the performance, you are invited to meet these majestic diurnal and nocturnal birds, most of which are protected. Enough to give stars in the eyes of young and old alike. Provins, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site In 2022, the historic city celebrates the 20th anniversary of its UNESCO World Heritage listing with a rich program of events and demonstrations. The opportunity to organize a family weekend in Provins.

Ramparts of the Cours aux Bêtes

77160 Provins

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