Alain Ducasse launches Burgal, a little restaurant place de la Bastille, in Paris. On the menu: a vegetable burger and chickpea crisps.

Street-food by Alain Ducasse

After his chocolate and coffee factories, high gastronomy, cooking school, hotels… Alain Ducasse opens his burger kiosk. The Frenchman – the most awarded chef in the world with eighteen stars in the Michelin Guide – revisits the emblematic dish of street-food, in a vegetable version… Burgal is a burger made up of a vegetable patty (zucchini , parsnips, lentils, onions, quinoa) served in a soft vegan bun, with a sauce of your choice (spicy, herbs and seasonal vegetables) and pickles.

Alain Ducasse burgal

Ducasse’s burger becomes a healthy dish

Far from street-food, the Ducasse-style burger becomes a healthy dish that we allow ourselves more often, without guilt, and which allows us to fill up on vitamins and proteins while enjoying ourselves. As a sauce, eggplant caviar, spicy vegan mayonnaise and a few pickles will spice it all up. It was to be expected, Alain Ducasse has also redesigned the accompaniments. Exit fries, far too classic, you can choose between vegetable crisps or better, chickpeas. As for dessert, a safe bet: a delicious organic and vegan chocolate mousse always.

Alain Ducasse restaurant
Alain ducasse restaurant

Burgal Food-kiosk: 12, Place de la Bastille, Paris

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., closed on Monday.

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