From game to reality, there is only one step. Immerse yourself in a virtual world, signed Lacoste x Minecraft. A collectionof shirts between two worlds: that of fashion and video games .

Video games patterns

The French brand has partnered with the video game giant by using its codes and typical patterns, such as blocks and characters with pixelated silhouettes. From this gaming and couture collaboration was born a collection of ready-to-wear shirts and accessories for adults and children. The fusion of common imaginaries On the gaming side, this alliance has led to the integration of new content into the game, namely Croco Island where players can indulge in the joys of tennis, racing and parkour. They will also have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of a treasure. On the clothes side, this collaboration materialized with the marketing of a complete collection of new clothes, shoes and accessories in the colors of the sandbox game.

Lacoste shirts
Lacoste shirts

To build a better world

The starting point for this spring-summer 2022 collection is The common desire to build a better world. The result: mythical pieces by the designer (polo shirts and printed caps) and elements from the sportswear wardrobe (like the logotype bra). Wearing a sweatshirt or knit dress flocked with a pixelated reptile and creeper, adventurers everywhere can now explore both the real and the virtual. Always under the benevolent eye of the crocodile, a true guarantee of team spirit and fair play. The two brands have also created a virtual card: the Croco Island. This “map”, online and downloadable, allows you to discover the construction game, where you break and then place square blocks of earth, stone and wood.

lacoste shirts
Lacoste Minecraft shirts

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