La Comédie Nation offers you a very good time of music with Jazz and Tango sounds. Emotion, passion and tenderness in this tribute concert to Astor Piazzolla.

The sound of Buenos Aires

MONUMENTAL TANGO” is made up of three exceptional performers from the tanguero, classical and lyrical musical world: the Argentine pianist and composer Lucia Abonizio, the Argentine bandoneonist Gilberto Pereyra and the Franco-Spanish tenor Gilles San Juan. Lucía Abonizio on the piano, Gilberto Pereyra on the bandoneon and the tenor Gilles San Juan, passionate and great connoisseurs of tango, make this mythical music heard accompanied by the sounds of the city of Buenos Aires, working-class neighborhoods, the mythical café, an almost official institution in this country.

The warmth of tango

The meeting in Paris of these three extraordinary artists – Gilberto PEREYRA, Lucia ABONIZIO and Gilles SAN JUAN – gave birth to a trio of incredible power and artistic subtlety where quotations, lyrical singing and classical music intertwine with tango with amazing elegance. The perfect alliance of classical and lyrical rigor with the warmth of tango. To discover this music is to discover a people and its history, which through dictatorships, massacres, riots and repressions has retained the same sensitivity, the same ability to live and suffer daily, thanks to love, friendship, tenderness, the past, memories, and music.

The Monumental Tango trio pays tribute to the great composer and bandoneonist Astor PIAZZOLLA

May 22, 2022 To 19h

La Comédie Nation

77 Rue de Montreuil

75011 Paris

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