Forest Whitaker will be the guest of honor at the opening ceremony of the 75th Cannes Film Festival. On this occasion, he will receive an honorary Palme d’or.

A big name in cinema

American actor and producer Forest Whitaker will receive an honorary Palme d’or at the opening ceremony of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, of which he will be the exceptional guest. His latest production, “For the Sake of Peace“, directed by Christophe Castagne and Thomas Sametin, will be screened on Wednesday May 18 in a Special Screening. Forest Whitaker is a legend, his artistic destiny and aura were fully revealed when he first came to the Cannes Film Festival in 1988, where he embodied the genius Charlie Parker, a visionary jazzman who raised the saxophone to a new level of expression. Clint Eastwood then offered him his first big role, even if he had already stood out with Martin Scorsese in The Color of Money, Oliver Stone in Platoon or Barry Levinson in Good Morning, Vietnam.

Forest Whitaker

He embodied Charlie Parker

At 27, he received the Interpretation Prize for this anthology Bird. The whole world discovers an actor of phenomenal power, in tune with a sensitivity that unquestionably imposes a form of grace, a block of emotion that conveys all human fragility in voice and gaze. “34 years ago, coming to Cannes for the first time changed my life and confirmed to me that devoting myself to seeking different relationships with humanity through cinema was the right decision. It is always a privilege to come back for this beautiful festival, to exhibit my work there but also to be inspired by the greatest artists of this world. I am incredibly honored to be celebrated as part of the Festival’s 75th anniversary,” the “Ghost Dog” actor said in a press release.

Forest Whitaker

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