Robert Pattinson is starting to become a regular at the Cannes Film Festival. He returns this year to present “Stars at Noon” by Claire Denis.

Robert Pattinson in Stars at noon
Robert Pattinson in “Stars at Noon”

A movie by Claire Denis

After winning Best Director at the Berlin Film Festival this year for her film With Love and Relentlessness, Claire Denis returns to Cannes with a new film, Stars at Noon, based on a 1980s novel by Denis Johnson, starring Robert Pattinson and Margaret Qualley. Stars at Noon, shot in English, will have its world premiere in a few days at the Cannes Film Festival. It appears in competition and it is a small event: the director had not been selected in competition since… 1988 and her first film, Chocolat.

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson

Inspired by a novel

The story, inspired by the novel “Des étoiles à midi” by Denis Johnson tells the story of a young American journalist in distress stranded without a passport in today’s Nicaragua in the middle of an election period. She meets an English traveler in a hotel bar. He seems to be the perfect man to help her flee the country. She realizes too late that, on the contrary, she is entering a murkier, more dangerous world by his side. The film’s cast includes Margaret Qualley (Palo Alto, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Joe Alwyn (A Day in the Life of Billy Lynn, The Favourite) and John C. Reilly.

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