Do you know the forest of Broceliande. A magical site to discover Its legends and mysteries….

Broceliande forest

Place of residence of the fairy Viviane

The mere mention of Broceliande forest awakens a marvelous world populated by the fairy Viviane, Merlin the enchanter or the knight Lancelot. Inhabited in the 9th century by King Solomon, the Château de Comper is inseparable from a walk in the forest of Brocéliande. If legend has it that it was the residence of the fairy Viviane, it now houses the Arthurian Imaginary Center, which organizes exhibitions, shows and hikes. To refresh your memory or learn more about the forest and these wonderful stories, go to La Porte des secrets in Paimpont. A must that young and old will love.

Broceliande forest

A forest full of mysteries…

Head for the Val-sans-retour ! A narrow valley, a place of legend, where Viviane held captive the unfaithful husbands who had ventured into this place. Valiant knight raised by the fairy, Lancelot thwarted the spell by confronting the dragons and freed the prisoners. Today, the 11-kilometre Landes de Gurwant hiking circuit will take you to several unmissable legendary sites: the castle of Trécesson, the host of Viviane or the tomb of the giants.

A fountain with magic bubbles

The Barenton fountain is one of the most legendary sites in the Broceliande forest. Lost in the depths of the woods, it is here that Merlin the enchanter would have met Viviane. The water in this fountain sparkles with so-called magic bubbles. She would cure ringworm, appease the mad, and help young women find husbands. If you dream of youth, the Fountain of Youth is just a stone’s throw away…

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