In France, the name of Tez Cadey was almost unknown to the general public. At 25, the DJ is nevertheless one of the most listened to French artists in the world.

An interplanetary hit

It all started in a student room, rue Nationale in Lille. Tez Cadey studies in an engineering school. This Franco-American aims to become an architectural engineer at the end of his five years of study. But from the end of the course, he dedicates a large part of his time to his passion, music. Although he never thought of a career in this field, he spends most of his nights composing. Despite rudimentary equipment, it only takes him a few hours to create new songs. Among them, the title Seve becomes an interplanetary hit, downloaded more than three billion times, the equivalent of 58 diamond discs.

Tez Cadey
Tez Cadey

A phenomenal success in Asia

His intuition propelled him to many radio stations in France and Europe but also to his first stages. A year later, Seve gradually disappeared from the airwaves but crossed borders and met with phenomenal success in Asia. Tez Cadey released a new album a few months ago, with pop and colorful sounds. The titles follow one by one with formidable efficiency, aiming as much to bring people together as to make them dance and sing. A breath of fresh air in the discography of the young DJ. “No Place I Call Home” promises to be a quest for meaning in a world where it is increasingly difficult to find one’s place. This new album is about a place where you can feel at home, where you don’t feel judged, where you are free to love and where the only languages ​​spoken are music and dance.

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