Cassis is one of the high places of tourism in Provence which has charmed many artists and writers, including Virginia Wolf.


Between sea and cliffs

As the famous Provencal poet Frédéric Mistral popularized: “Who has seen Paris and not Cassis, has seen nothing“. These words of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Frédéric Mistral alone reflect the tremendous attraction that Cassis exerts on all those who go there. Nestled in a natural setting where pine forests, ocher or white rocks, plain vineyards and terraces that stretch to the Mediterranean Sea, the town is protected by two monuments of nature that are Cap Canaille (more high maritime cliff of Europe) glowing in mistral weather and the white limestone Calanques.


Also renowned for Its vineyards

The first signs of life in Cassis date back to antiquity, as evidenced by the Cosquer cave, now closed to the public. In the 15th century, the town was attached to the County of Provence. It will be necessary to wait until the 18th century for Cassis to develop. Today, its fame is mainly due to its beaches and creeks, its small port and its wine. The story goes that stones from Cassis form the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York. The town is also renowned for its vineyards, which produce excellent whites and rosés. The Cassis vineyard was one of the very first controlled designations of origin with Sauternes and Châteauneuf du Pape. Planted exclusively in the commune of Cassis, which is rare enough to be mentioned. The most accomplished or motivated palates will set out to meet the twelve winegrowers of the vintage. The winegrowers are happy to introduce visitors to wine tasting. This wine, which has the particularity of “dancing in the glass”, is the perfect accompaniment to a good bouillabaisse.

Cassis beaches and creeks

But the town is above all the sea and its creeks: the perfect place for a stay in the sun. These extend to Marseille, and the city is also located in the heart of the Calanques National Park. A typical small port but also a famous seaside resort, the town of Cassis is taken by storm in summer. By taking the Promenade des Lombards, you can reach two accessible coves while looking at the magnificent landscapes of Cap Canaille. From the Calanque of Port Miou it is possible to reach, after a hike, the creeks of Port Pin and En Vau which are the essentials of the creeks of Cassis. The excursion of the creeks will allow you to access magnificent and wild viewpoints. Remember to take your masks and snorkels because diving in Cassis, in its turquoise waters, is a real pleasure for the eyes. Magical and enchanting places, the creeks of Cassis are a delight for all lovers of marine activities, whether it is yachting, fishing, diving or simply a good day of swimming.

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