Christine and the Queens joined Nicola Sirkis of the French band Indochine for the first evening of the “Central Tour”, to perform the hit “3rd sex” as a duet.

Christine and the Queens

A surprise visit

The spectators of the Indochine concert, Saturday evening at the Stade de France, were treated to a surprise visit from Christine and The Queens. The singer joined the group on stage to perform 3rd sex, their 1985 hit. We were expecting to see the singer appear on this stage since she covered this song on the compilation “Singles Collection (1981-2001 )“. Indeed, in 1985, the French group Indochine signed one of its successes with the song 3rd sex. This hymn to the fluidity of genres being still very topical, the leader of the group, Nicola Sirkis, called on Christine and the Queens to take over 3rd sex in a more electro version.

A message on instagram

On Instagram, Chris expressed her joy about this collaboration. “Last April, Nicola Sirkis called me and talked to me about revisiting 3rd sex, explains the artist. The whole world was breathing more slowly and my heart started beating because this song is about something very personal to me, something that makes me want to be free. Thank you Nicola for giving me the honor and the confidence to sing 3SEX with you, at a time when the very word freedom takes on its full meaning and urgency. Real revolutions never die. she added.

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