At the Chambord castle, until September 4th, visual artist Pablo Reinoso questions the balance between man and nature.

Pablo Reinoso

A laboratory on biodiversity

For this exhibition at the Chambord castle, Pablo Reinoso has chosen to develop his intervention around the idea of ​​an ecosystem that is particularly significant in Chambord, where this game of balance between man and nature has been played out since the beginning. The estate is indeed a veritable open laboratory on biodiversity 180 kilometers from the largest French metropolis. It is in this relationship between culture and nature, this highlighting of balances, that the artist has prepared his exhibition, outlining a reflection around the possible collaboration between men and nature, engaging visitors to reconsider the role of each in order to find harmony. In recent years, this reflection has been translated in its plastic form by a work around trees (Still Tree, Articulations, Uprooted). Thus, some of these works already produced have enriched his proposal for the Chambord castle, consisting for the rest of works specially thought out in resonance with the spaces of the castle and the estate (installation in the gardens, the fireplaces and the central staircase, drawings carried out during the periods of residence…).

Pablo Reinoso

The balances that govern human and natural ecosystems

Born in Buenos Aires in 1955 and living in France since 1978, Pablo Reinoso is a Franco-Argentinian artist. His multidisciplinary practice crosses the fields of sculpture, installation, design, architecture and painting. Made using raw construction materials or from objects from architecture and design, his works are part of a logic of emancipation of the object and the material from their primary function, which often takes place through diversion. This is the case of his series “Thoneteando”, “Bancs Spaghetti” or “Garabatos”. Sensitive to the issues that mark our time and in particular the climate crisis, Pablo Reinoso explores these questions in his recent works, questioning the balances that govern human and natural ecosystems. Among his iconic works, the Spaghetti Benches are above all a tribute to plant intelligence. Since 2020, the artist has also been developing a corpus of paintings allowing him to pursue his formal and conceptual reflection with new impetus.

Château de Chambord

Pablo Reinoso’s largest solo exhibition to date

His work has been exhibited in international institutions and in the context of major artistic events, including the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the Center Georges Pompidou, the Musée d’art Moderne de Buenos Aires, and the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, Pablo Reinoso’s exhibition at Château de Chambord is the artist’s largest solo exhibition to date. Often produced in situ, his works maintain a deep link with the places in which they are inscribed. Anchored in public spaces and often monumental, they promote interaction between users, creating new opportunities for exchange, conversation or encounter.

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