Sisteron is renowned throughout the world and considered and deserves its nickname “Pearl of Haute Provence

A jewel of architectural heritage

Between Provence and the Alps, on the edge of the Durance valley, Sisteron is an essential town on the Route Napoléon. City gateway to Provence and the Natural Park of Baronnies Provençales, it deserves its nickname “Pearl of Haute-Provence” as it attracts the eye, by its natural location but also its fame. Nestled at the foot of its famous citadel which dominates the landscape, the town extends opposite the rock of La Baume, recognizable by its vertical layers of limestone, renowned throughout the world and considered by geologists to be a real curiosity. The city offers a maze of stairs and small vaulted streets called “andrônes”, naturally following its picturesque staggering, to reach the haughty Citadel, of which Henri IV liked to say that it was “the most powerful stronghold of his kingdom“. The Citadel of Sisteron A jewel of architectural heritage, the Citadel (M.H.) is made up of a vast collection of military structures from various periods. The keep and the walkway, built on the narrow rocky spine, date from the 13th century, the layering of bastioned enclosures from the 16th century. Of Vauban’s project, designed in 1692, only the powder magazine was made.

At night, the citadel dons its costume of light

Significant alterations were made to the north face in the middle of the 19th century. It was at this time that the magnificent underground staircase connecting the fortress to the city was dug into the rock. Deeply bruised by the bombing of August 1944, the Citadel is now admirably restored and invites you to visit through a soundtrack in 6 languages, or guided tours. You will discover a museum which evokes the passage of Napoleon on his return from the island of Elba, the keep with its dungeon, an exhibition of horse-drawn vehicles, the Chapel of Notre-Dame du Château (15th century) and temporary exhibitions. At night, the citadel dons its costume of light, twice awarded in 2009 If you come to visit me, from the end of March to mid-November, don’t forget to put on good shoes. Take the time to climb step by step, step by step to the top. You will be rewarded by discovering an impressive 360° view. An orientation table and its telescope to locate you, the gaze being carried on 150 km surroundings.

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