The Paris Pagoda is one of the most unusual monuments in Paris. It will be possible in June to visit it for free !

Paris pagoda

A collection of masterpieces

On the occasion of the 5th edition of Printemps Asiatique Paris, the famous unusual and historic pagoda in the 8th arrondissement, opens exceptionally and free of charge from Wednesday June 8 to Sunday June 16, 2022. On this occasion, a crazy exhibition of masterpieces of Asian art from the most prestigious international galleries, opens up to us. Closed to the public, the Pagoda which is located rue de Courcelles in the 8th arrondissement looks like a UFO in Paris. With its red facade and its typical Chinese roof, you cannot fail to notice it when passing by. And if you want to discover the interior of this atypical building, now is the time ! Indeed, for the first time, the Parisian meeting dedicated to the arts of Asia will go beyond the borders of France. Specialist French gallery owners and antique dealers will welcome their international counterparts to a collegiate exhibition at La Pagode, the legendary home of the famous Chinese dealer and collector Ching Tsai Loo (1880-1957), better known as C. T. Loo.

Paris pagoda

China in Paris

This building with an ocher-red facade and architectural elements of Chinese inspiration nestled in the heart of the Haussmann district of the Monceau plain is known to all lovers of Asian art around the world. At first glance, the building was a mansion, after its acquisition in 1922, Ching Tsai Loo decided to transform it into a veritable palace for his personal collections, thus promoting the activities of his galleries specializing in Far Eastern art, Paris to New York via London. The exterior of the building, entirely red, is decorated with architectural elements characteristic of Buddhist places of worship. The coffered ceilings of the interior lounges are decorated with Chinese motifs and the walls with Shanxi lacquer panels dating from the 18th century. For your information, Printemps Asian Paris is bringing together 53 participants today for this internationally oriented edition which promises to be rich in discoveries. This Parisian event brings together specialized art galleries from around the world, auction houses and cultural institutions for a week dedicated to Asian Arts. For a few days, thematic exhibitions in galleries and museums, conferences, guided tours and discovery workshops are yours.

Maison Loo, the Pagoda of Paris

48 Rue de Courcelles 75008 Paris

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