In ten years, Claire Tabouret has established herself on the international scene of contemporary Art, thanks to François Pinault.

Her painting sold for $863,000 at Christie’s

In the space of barely ten years, the French Claire Tabouret has become, at less than 40 years old, the new star of contemporary art. disputed between the great gallery owners and their collectors. From the Yuz Museum in Budi Tek, in Shanghai, to the Villa Medici in Rome, from the agnès b. Collection, in Paris, to the Pinault Collection in Venice and Paris, she has already had all the honours. The Last Day, a large canvas from 2016 depicting a group of costumed children, was sold for $863,000 at Christie’s. Based in Los Angeles since 2015, she has recreated her universe between phantasmagoria and banal reality.

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Influenced by the theme of memory

Her large paintings, which combine strangeness and nostalgia, strong and disturbing canvases that have won over collectors around the world, starting with François Pinault, who spotted her when she was still completely unknown. The paintings of the former graduate of the Beaux-Arts de Paris attract collectors, who find in her work all the references in art history to Manet, Cézanne or Degas. His research, strongly influenced by the theme of memory, is inspired by images belonging to the past, such as photographs or childhood memories. The central element of her paintings and her sculptures is the human being: in her individual portraits, or appearing within choral compositions, immersed in an atmosphere of mystery and anxiety, the characters fluctuate in a spatio-temporal dimension. Claire Tabouret’s works play on the ambiguity that colors the relationship between the work and the viewer: the latter does not recognize himself in the individuals represented, while feeling familiar with them. Passionate about historical painting, Claire Tabouret disseminates discreet and subtle quotations in her works, in homage to the famous works of artists prior to her. She exhibited at the SADE Gallery in Los Angeles (2016) and at the Galerie Bugada & Cargnel in Paris (2015). His work The Watchers (2014) was presented at Palazzo Grassi during the exhibition ‘The Illusion of Lights’ (2014-15).

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