Florian Zeller is the most played living French author in the world, his journey is a real fairy tale.

The most played French author alive in the world

He is the most played French author alive in the world, the most selected also for the local equivalents of our Molière, from the English Laurence Olivier Awards to the Brazilian Aplauso Awards. Since his plays have toured the five continents, the press has praised him in all languages. For the British daily The Guardian, he is downright “the most fascinating playwright of our time. On the publication of his first novel, Artificial Snows, rewarded by the Hachette Foundation prize, he was only 22 years old. With Lovers of Anything (2003) then Fascination of the Worst (2004) for which he won the Interallié Prize, Florian Zeller became, at the age of 25, one of the most noticed authors on the French literary scene. A well-known writer, Florian Zeller could have been content with the romantic route, but, carried away by the theatrical adventure, he confirmed his singular talent with his first two plays, L’Autre then Le Manège, interpreted in particular by the actress Marine Delterme. The reasons for the success? The young man says his work is part of the questions of his time, between realism and melancholy.

Director of “The father”

He continues his conquest with his film The Father, adapted from his play The Father, won the 2021 Oscars for best adaptation and best actor for the role of Anthony Hopkins, alongside Olivia Colman. “For the film, I absolutely wanted Anthony Hopkins, whose mastery and power make him, in my opinion, the best actor in the world. » Well felt. The English actor won the second Oscar of his career after that of 1992 in The Silence of the Lambs. “And a very emotional adventure was born”, specifies Florian Zeller who, suddenly, created a character especially for him, a small role this time, in his second film The Son, adaptation of the Son, with Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern. Currently being edited, the feature film should be released in the fall of 2022. Already sold worldwide, it was the subject of one of the largest transactions on the 2021 film market at Cannes.

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