Pomme, the French singerr is releasing a children’s book on May 20 entitled “Sous les paupières” and illustrated by Pauline de Tarragon alias PiJaMa.


An exciting project

It is not Pomme but Claire Pommet, her real name, who is unveiling this brand new project. Under the eyelids is a small children’s book, written by the singer and illustrated by Pauline de Tarragon, who is also called PiJaMa as a singer. The two friends have been working on this project for 1 year, and wish through this book to share a “story of magic, mushrooms and love of self and others with the sole desire that children (and adults) feel good in reading it”. If this exciting project had been on her mind for a long time, it was with her friend Pauline de Tarragon, that she decided to carry it out.


A double-level of reading

Musician but also author and illustrator, Pauline is not at her first attempt, she who has already published two books. On the other hand, it is a great first for the storyteller of the Faults. A story full of fantasy and sweetness for children and which will seduce adults with its double level of reading. As a bonus, a dream book invites children to write or draw their favorite dreams, and an insert inserted at the end of the book allows you to extend the universe of the book (doll to cut out and small clothes, journal of the magical world… ). Mixing important conversations with fantasy, he seduces almost instantly with his words, always right, and his colorful illustrations.

“Sous les paupières”, Claire Pommet and Pauline de Tarragon, The City Burns, €16

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