Clémence Poesy embodies the role of Stella in the fantasy series The Essex Serpent broadcast on Apple TV.

Clémence Poesy
Clémence Poesy in the Essex serpent

A Celtic tale

The Essex Serpent, the series in which Clémence Poesy plays is a Celtic tale. Both fantastic and feminine emancipation. At the end of the 19th century, in the middle of the Victorian era, when Marxism was on its way, a young British widow, an amateur paleontologist, settled in a small fishing village. A bloodthirsty sea creature reappears just then and claims casualties. The locals take the newcomer for a witch. A series with Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Clémence Poésy (In Therapy) available on Apple TV+.

Clémence Poesy
Clémence Poesy in the Essex Serpent Copyright Apple TV

A nice role for Clémence poesy

In a tide of notorious performances, the one that stands out the most is Clémence Poésy. The 39-year-old French actress, whose worldwide notoriety comes in particular from the Harry Potter saga in which she plays the role of Claire Delacour, plays Stella here, a funny woman with undeniable sensitivity. Although having understood what is happening between her husband and Cora, she invites the young widow to her home with open arms. While Cora is convinced that there is indeed something between them, Will remains skeptical; Stella is not afraid to express her uncertainty. Later, as she interacts with Frankie, we discover her penchant for collecting seashells and marvel at her ability to see beauty in the small, seemingly unimportant things in life. However, she hides a devastating secret.

A curse, embodied by a sea serpent

The series makes a strong impression by plunging its heroine, Cora, and with her the viewer, into the heart of a population of fishermen who will sink into fanaticism. We are witnessing a gradual shift of these simple people, living in difficult conditions, towards collective hysteria because of ancestral beliefs fueled by a pastor who supports where it hurts, their daily suffering. And this even if another pastor, Will, does everything to persuade them that a curse, embodied by a sea serpent, it is the case to say it, would be pure fantasy. A mechanism as frightening as remarkably described.

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