Aurora borealis in the heart of Paris ? This is the unusual and marvelous spectacle that awaits us this summer, on the Parvis de Notre-Dame.

Notre Dame

A real simulation of the aurora borealis

After his first foray into the 2019 edition, and an international tour in more than 23 cities, Dan Acher returns with his aurora borealis in XXL version. As much an artistic work as a technological performance, Borealis offers a real simulation of the aurora borealis. Supported by music written and interpreted by the French composer Guillaume Desbois, Borealis transposes the experience of an aurora borealis directly to the heart of the city, where this phenomenon should not take place. A dawn here and now, in our latitudes? This artistic performance, entitled Boréalis, comes to life at nightfall, from 10:30 p.m. and for a duration of two hours, on the Parvis of Notre-Dame de Paris. This breathtaking visual spectacle is accessible free of charge for everyone !

A magical experience

With Boréalis, Dan Acher offers us a magical experience, a real bright and colorful journey. This unusual sound and light show in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris promises to be one of the great experiences of the summer! This beautiful show also hides a strong message. The artist puts our views and life experiences into perspective, facing the most impressive natural phenomena on Earth. Powerfully emotional, a strong symbol of the humility imposed on man by nature and its unpredictability, Borealis is also a way to think about climate change and its effects. In his work, artist Dan Acher uses the city as a playground to both create a sense of belonging and community and develop critical thinking. Humans have never had so much impact on their environment, which is being radically transformed. Will we one day witness spontaneous auroras in cities, far from the poles they have inhabited for millennia? Will controlling our environment become the new norm ?

JULY 30 & 31 AT 10:30 PM



6 parvis Notre-Dame / Place Jean-Paul II

75004 Paris M1, M11

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