Léa Seydoux continues to alternate auteur cinema and blockbuster. She has just been hired to join the movie Dune.

Léa Seydoux in Dune Movie

A few roles in Hollywood

The 36-year-old French actress has gradually established herself in the Hollywood industry after a few secondary roles in the early 2010s in Inglourious Bastards (Q.Tarantino), Robin Hood (Ridley Scott) or Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Brad bird). Since the triumph of La vie d’Adèle in 2013, Léa Seydoux has appeared in more substantial roles, in France and internationally, both with Xavier Dolan (Juste la fin du monde) and in the last two parts of the James Bond saga (Spectre and Dying can wait).

A new character

In Dune, the French actress will play Lady Margot, the Bene Gesserit wife of Count Hasimir Fenring. Described as having a perfect figure, golden hair and grey-green eyes, she will, in vain, inform the Harkonnens of the survival of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) and will help Dame Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), due to their belonging to the same order. The character did not appear in the David Lynch adaptation. Léa Seydoux counts with Florence Pugh, Christopher Walken and Austin Butler (the star of Elvis) among the new recruits of the second part of the blockbuster.

A huge success

Denis Villeneuve, who is back for the sequel, will begin filming in the fall. The film should be released at the end of October 2023. Some of the stars of the first part will of course be back: Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya and Josh Brolin. Dune had met with great success last year. The film, with an underlying environmental theme, had collected $40.1 million during its first weekend of exploitation in the United States, even though it was available simultaneously on the big screens and on the HBO Max streaming platform. In France, 3.1 million spectators were seduced by the blockbuster. Adapted from a 1965 novel by Frank Herbert, Dune tells the story of the powerful Atreides family who find themselves assigned to manage a planet where “spice” is produced, a mysterious substance essential to interstellar travel.

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