This summer will be gourmet at Philippe Conticini ‘s bakery, he has opened a profiteroles bar, prepared before your eyes, enough to make your mouth water…


A gourmet project

Pastry chef Philippe Conticini unveils his new gourmet project: a minute profiterole bar ! After delighting our taste buds with his chouquettes bar and then that of millefeuilles, the chef tackles another classic of French pastry that you can compose yourself for an explosion of flavors in the mouth. For this new season of the Minute Bar of our shop in the 3rd arrondissement and to celebrate the beautiful days, Chef Philippe Conticini has prepared ultra generous frozen treats for you : Les Profiteroles !


Freshly mounted, before your eyes

A chou sprinkled with cane sugar generously garnished with ice cream, which is adorned according to your desires… :

– Passion fruit: passion fruit ice cream, exotic fruit sauce with pieces of mango and exotic whipped cream.

– Chocolate: 66% chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce for twice as much indulgence, chocolate hazelnut streusel and chocolate whipped cream.

– Strawberry: strawberry ice cream with generous pieces of strawberries, red fruit sauce, a few fresh strawberries and vanilla whipped cream. – Pecan vanilla: Bourbon vanilla ice cream from Madagascar, fleur de sel caramel sauce, caramelized pecans and vanilla whipped cream.

– The whole, freshly mounted, before your eyes! (Limited quantities)

Philippe conticini

31 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris, France

– Photo credit: Kevin Rauzy

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