Simone Veil, the former minister behind the law that legalized abortion is the subject of a biopc film whose trailer was unveiled on Monday.

Simone Veil abortion

The right of abortion

While in the United States, the right to abortion has taken a leap back because of the Supreme Court, this biopic on Simone Veil comes at a crucial moment. Indeed, Simone Veil, was Minister of Health in France and is at the origin of the law for abortion. The film Simone – Le Voyage du siècle, a biopic dedicated to Simone Veil, will be released this fall after numerous postponements due to the pandemic. A first trailer for this project initiated by Elsa Zylberstein was unveiled on Monday. Presented as an “epic and intimate portrait of Simone Veil“, this biopic is directed by Olivier Dahan. A specialist in the genre, he has already retraced on the big screen the life of Edith Piaf (role which earned an Oscar for Marion Cotillard) in La Môme, then that of Grace Kelly (Nicole Kidman) in Grace de Monaco.

Different periods of her life

As we can discover through these images, Simone – Le Voyage du siècle aims to cover different periods of her life: her childhood, her deportation to Auschwitz, but also her great political battles. When she is older, Simone Veil is therefore embodied by Elsa Zylberstein, who covers her entire political career as a magistrate and then a minister, until her last years. Olivier Dahan’s feature film therefore has the ambition to retrace the entire life of Simone Veil and all her battles. Both a film about the construction of a female cause and the reconstruction of a Europe after the Second World War, all through the character of a woman politician, Simone – Le voyage du siècle could therefore be the great French biopic of 2022.

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