The Picasso Museum highlights the feminist view of the artist Orlan on the work of Picasso on the occasion of an exhibition.

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Orlan at the Picasso museum

A program of contemporary looks

Since the start of the #MeToo movement, a different vision of Pablo Picasso has emerged. The painter, famous throughout the world, is described by the feminist movement as violent and misogynistic. While the museum dedicated to him in Barcelona organized a seminar on Picasso’s relationship with women from May 7 to 14, the Picasso Museum in Paris has chosen to invite the artist from May 17 to September 4, 2022 contemporary feminist Orlan to a re-reading of some of the painter’s works. In order to question the posterity of Picasso, the museum is launching a program of contemporary looks. To open this new cycle, the French artist ORLAN was invited to exhibit two photographic series entitled “ORLAN hybridizes with the portraits of Picasso’s women” and “The crying women are angry”. Her work is part of an art of performance and feminist struggle : she questions the status of the body subject to political, social and religious pressures.

picasso museum

Works dating from the late 1930’s

Here she captures a series of paintings and drawings by Picasso dating from the late 1930s. Representing tearful figures, allegories of suffering, these works were conceived in reaction to the Spanish Civil War and inspired in part by the face of the photographer Dora Maar, then companion of the painter. “The Crying Women are Angry” is a new series of hybrid photographs that I created to portray women in the shadows: the inspirations, the models, the muses. (…). I reread Picasso’s work to put the woman-subject back in the center. This statement could probably sum up Orlan’s committed and feminist work on its own.

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