Dario Argento will be in the spotlight from July 6 to 31 at the Cinémathèque in Paris. The opportunity to review some of his horrific masterpieces.

Dario Argento

The master of Giallo

This Wednesday, July 6, the 81-year-old Italian director, producer and actor Dario Argento and his daughter, actress, singer and director Asia Argento, were at the Cinémathèque in Paris to present the filmmaker’s latest film. : the thriller Occhiali Neri (2022). This screening will mark the start of a retrospective dedicated to the transalpine genius, which will last until July 31 in the famous French institution celebrating the seventh art. It will be an opportunity to see again (in restored versions) masterpieces by the master of giallo, this cinematographic genre mixing horror, detective stories, eroticism and primary colors. Undisputed master of the Italian horror thriller – the giallo –, Dario Argento has taken the codes of the genre to unprecedented peaks of incandescence.

Dario Argento

A fetishistic relationship to the film object

Less interested in the classic conduct of the story than in the creation of epiphanic moments, he knew how to establish a sensualist dialogue with the public. For him, to feel is to think. Born of a fashion photographer mother and a producer father, little Dario evolved among actresses. He often likes to tell how their eyes, their perfume and the fabrics with which they adorn themselves have deeply marked him. From this sensual shock at the heart of the film industry was undoubtedly born its singularity: between great awareness of his art (he started out as a critic) and a fetishistic relationship to the film object (he lends his hands to the gloved killers of his stories ). Like the child he was – in a joyful and sharing impulse – the alchemist Argento will then never stop plunging the spectator into the very heart of his work. In a big celluloid ball…

Dario Argento,

From July 6 to 31, 2022

La Cinémathèque française


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