Michel Gondry , who had not released a film since 2015 and his comedy Microbe and Gasoil, is back with Le Livre des solutions, his new creation.

Michel Gondry
Copyright Pierre Niney – Instagram @pierreniney

A childhood dream for Pierre Niney

The director, who has found his style between absurd humor and arty and elegant artistic direction, also holds his headliner with the presence of Pierre Niney in the casting. Some photos of the shooting were shared by Pierre Niney on Instagram, along with other shots of him and his playing partners, commenting that it was “a childhood dream“. We do not yet know the plot of the Book of Solutions, but these first images evoke vacations with friends, the actors kayaking or walking with their dogs outdoors.

Pierre Niney in Yves Saint-Laurent – Copyright Wy productions

Pierre Niney, a successful actor

Well established in the French cinematographic landscape since 2013 with his role as Balthazar in 20 years apart, where he formed a sparkling couple with Virginie Efira. Behind, he goes back to the theater box where he performs in Phèdre before slipping into the skin of Yves Saint Laurent, the famous couturier who died in 2008 and whom he camps in front of the camera of Jalil Lespert. After this strong role, Pierre Niney plays a young usurping writer caught in his own trap in An Ideal Man, takes the top billing of François Ozon Frantz, slips into the skin of Commander Cousteau’s son in The Odyssey and finally carries the initiatory adventure film The Promise at Dawn by Eric Barbier. At the same time, he improvised as a dealer with his friends in the comedy Five, the first feature film by Igor Gotesman. Accustomed to difficult roles, he also plays a firefighter trying to relearn how to live after a serious accident. Pierre Niney then appeared in two thrillers, Lovers and Black Box, before joining Jean Dujardin in OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa by Nicolas Bedos, the third part devoted to the adventures of the hilarious Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath.

Oscar winner in 2005

The director, Oscar winner in 2005 for his cult Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, is keeping the details of the film secret for the moment. The Book of Solutions should be an intimate drama about a director who faces a breakdown in creativity and will have to confront his inner demons to overcome it. The comedian Blanche Gardin, Vincent Elbaz (Le Péril jeune), Frankie Wallach (Versailles) and Camille Rutherford are also announced in the casting, even if it is only rumors for the moment. It is also the first time that Pierre Niney and Michel Gondry will work together, while the French actor has had a string of critical and popular successes in recent months (Black Box, Lovers, Goliath, etc.).

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