Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris should reopen its doors in 2024, according to the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak .

Notre-Dame Cathedral

An objective set by Emmanuel Macron

The Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, visiting the site on Thursday July 28, confirmed this objective set by Emmanuel Macron. Several phases of work are still in progress. Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral should receive visitors again in the course of 2024. This was confirmed by the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, visiting the site this Thursday, July 28.

A total budget of 850 million euros

Under construction since the fire of April 2019, the cathedral will again receive the public and the faithful in two years. “We are quite confident, all of us, collectively, that the year 2024 (…) will be the year of culmination of a large part of this project, in any case of the opening of the cathedral to worship and to the public,” said the minister, in accordance with the “ambitious goal” set by Emmanuel Macron after the fire to rebuild the cathedral in five years. “There will certainly be other works that will have to continue beyond 2024, of course,” Rima Abdul Malak stressed. The project, with a total budget of 850 million euros, is currently in its second phase, reconstruction. A phase which will notably make it possible to rebuild the framework of the cathedral, to reproduce the spire identically, and to restore the vaults.

An ambitious goal

The first phase of the work was intended to secure the premises and to evacuate the works and the great organ. This was followed by a phase of carrying out “test sites” to define the protocols for cleaning and restoring the interior of the cathedral, particularly in the chapels. A third phase of exterior reconstruction of the cathedral will take place later, with also the development of the forecourt which, itself, depends on the town hall of Paris.

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