Florian Zeller had moved the whole world with his previous film “The Father“, he will soon be back with “The son“, just as touching.

the son Florian Zeller

A touching movie

After “The Father”, which won him the Oscar for best adapted screenplay, Frenchman Florian Zeller returns with “The Son“. Starring Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern and Anthony Hopkins, the film is expected in theaters on March 8, 2023. Florian Zeller had moved the whole of America with the adaptation of his play The Father, which had won two Oscars (best adapted screenplay and best actor for Anthony Hopkins). In the continuity of The Father, “The son”, his new film, was filmed between France, the United States and England, and its creator has just announced on Instagram that its shooting was finished. Surprise, he adds that it will be carried by Anthony Hopkins, who played the main character of The Father, an aging father suffering from dementia, a role which earned him the Oscar for best actor.

The distress of a couple

After plunging the viewer into the mind of an octogenarian plagued by illness in The Father, the filmmaker once again adapts his own play, The Son, and recounts the distress of a couple who can no longer communicate with their son. He has changed his behavior and his parents do not explain why. Is this a sign of discomfort? How can we help a person who does not seek to be? Like his previous feature film, you shouldn’t expect to laugh out loud with The Son, but the film should still offer exceptional performances. The first trailer sets the tone and suggests that Hugh Jackman will be extraordinary in this role of completely lost father. We can’t wait to discover this new film, the shooting of which has just ended. “At the end of an intense and absorbing journey, the filming of The Son is finished, writes Zeller. It was an extraordinary joy to work with the wonderful Hugh Jackman, Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby, Zen McGrath… and Anthony Hopkins .” He then thanks his producers and adds that he can’t wait to start editing his film, which should be released on March 8.

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