In Bordeaux, Les Bassins de Lumières is the largest digital art center in the world, which immerses us in the masterpieces of art history.

Bassins de lumières in Bordeaux

12,000m² of projection surface and 90 video projectors

After Klimt, Monet, Renoir, Chagall, the new exhibition highlights Venice, its architectural gems and the great artists of Italian painting. Whatever the theme, it is a veritable ballet of dazzling colors that amazes visitors. Les Bassins de Lumières – The largest digital art center in the world Five times larger than the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, La Base sous-marine, a dark remnant of the Second World War, has shone since last June on the Port de la Lune. With 4 pools 110m long, 12,000m² of projection surface and 90 video projectors, the Bassins de Lumières of Bordeaux is recognized as the largest digital art center in the world.


An unreal atmosphere

Interactive, monumental and immersive, the project set up by Culture Espace is a success that owes nothing to chance. And for good reason, after 19 months of work, the concrete walls and pools now reflect the most beautiful works in the history of art and contemporary creation in an unreal atmosphere that gladly leaves some jaws dropping. World masterpieces come out of the frame of their picture to transform into experiential projection 12m high and 22m wide coupled with a high quality sound experience. Here, we walk on colors, observe the shapes in the reflection of the water and orient ourselves between shadow and light to the sound of comments.


500,000 visitors in 2020

Flagship exhibition of the year 2020, despite the unprecedented context, Klimt broke all records by attracting nearly 500,000 visitors. Hundreds of works gathered over 12,000m² from floor to ceiling If the famous paintings are now scattered throughout the world, the Bassins de Lumières brings them together for a few months. By taking over the floors, the reflections of the water and the walls, the bright and powerful colors overwhelm the space. They marry the monumental architecture of the Submarine Base. To the sound of musical compositions, the works come alive and immerse us in their time.

Bassins de lumières of Bordeaux,

 Impasse Brown de Colstoun, 33300 Bordeaux

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