Guillaume Musso has just released Angélique, his new novel, a very well-crafted and addictive detective story…

1.3 million books sold

This is the literary event of the new school year: The new novel by Guillaume Musso, the most widely read writer in France. By 2021, the writer had sold nearly 1.3 million books. Every year, it continues to attract a large number of readers, from the fantastic stories of its beginnings to the detective novels of today. Never rewarded by a literary prize, Guillaume Musso is ahead of the best sellers despite everything and retains the status of favorite author of the French. With his twentieth book in almost as many years of success, Guillaume Musso digs into the detective vein that he has loved for several novels already. By abandoning the fantastic lands of his debut, the most popular French writer of his generation has further broadened his electorate while establishing his uniqueness. His magic formula ? Build each plot like a puzzle that the reader thinks he is putting together over the pages… to better let himself be bluffed by the next twist. A craftsman’s job that he masters perfectly.

An addictive book

In this new novel, Mathias Taillefer wakes up after a heart attack, in a hospital room. An unknown girl stands at his bedside. This is Louise Collange, a student who came to play the cello for patients on a voluntary basis. When she learns that Mathias is a cop, she asks him to take over a rather special case. Reluctant at first, Mathias finally agrees to help him, plunging them both into a deadly spiral. Thus begins an extraordinary investigation, the secret of which lies in the life we ​​would have liked to lead, the love we could have known, and the place we still hope to find… Through endearing characters, romantic emotions, surprises from page to page and a perfect construction, Guillaume Musso once again offers an addictive book, which is difficult to part with before having finished it.

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